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BONKERS 1 "Hixxy and Sharkey are Bonkers!"

posted 18 Jun 2011, 08:14 by Tristan Self   [ updated 18 Jun 2011, 08:23 ]

BONKERS 1 "Hixxy and Sharkey are Bonkers!"

Back in 1996 React Music released the industry standard of Hardcore compilations. Using the talents of Hixxy and Sharkey they produced an amazing mix of hard and happy dance music. Mix being the important part, the CD's, (yes 2 of them for the price of a one album) where mixed all the tracks stuck together with the best DJ glue and put on to the CD's. This being a relatively new concept at that time. This and an amazing array of tracks from the best producers from the scene ment a great compilation of the genre was produced.

Bonkers 1 contained the tunes that had become "anthems" of the scene, such as DJ Hixxy & MC Sharkey's - "Toytown", Hixxy & Bananaman - "Together Forever", Marc Smith & Sharkey - "Truth".

The tracks came courtesy of Essential Platinum, United Dance Recordings, UK Dance, Kniteforce, Evolution, Inferno, Impact, Universal, Stormtrooper, Quosh and Clubscene.

Released: ? 1996

Catalogue Number : REACTCD83

Below is the track listing for each of the CD's.


Playing time:62:58

1. DJ Hixxy & MC Sharkey
2. DJ Dougal & Eruption
Party Time Remix
3. DJ Hixxy & Ikon
The Wizard Of Oz
4. Hixxy
5. Hopscotch & DJ Dougal
Steam Train
6. Hixxy & Bananaman
Together Forever
7. Dr Who
Love Of My Life
8. A Sense Of Summer
On Top (Hixxy Remix)
9. Highlander
Hold Me Now (Bass-D & King Remix)
10. Bass-D & King Matthew feat. DJ XD
Like A Dream
11. Seduction & Eruption
Bust The New Jam (Remix)
12. DJ Seduction
Step To The Side
13. DJ Vinylgroover & DJ Quatro
Calypso Summer
14. DJ Brisk
Airhead (SMD Remix)
15. Eruption
Let The Music (Original Mix)
16. Force & Styles
Funfair (Exclusive Remix)
17. DJ Hixxy
A - Ha Ha Ha
18. Scott Brown Vs
DJ Rab S
Now Is The Time (Hixxy & Trixxy Remix)


Playing time:71:21

1. Marc Smith & Sharkey
2. Force & Styles
All Systems Go
3. Terrible Twins
Burn This Joint (Tekno Dred & Helix Mix)
4. Seb
Rainbow Islands (Sharkey Mix)
5. Billy Bunter, D-Zyne, Supreme
Outside World
6. Vampire
Teknostorm (Sharkey Remix)
7. DJ Ham
Is There Anybody There
8. Druid & Bananaman
9. Sy & Sharkey
Feel The Heat
10. Druid & Sharkey
Bonkers Anthem
11. A Sense Of Summer
Techno Round The World (Remix)
12. Druid & Sharkey
13. Druid & Sharkey
Rocket To The Moon
14. Druid & Sharkey
15. MC Sharkey
Revolution (Slipmatt Remix)
16. Brisk
On & On
17. Force & Styles