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BONKERS 3 - A Journey Into Madness (A Journey Into Silver)

posted 24 Jun 2011, 09:53 by Tristan Self
The high profile Hixxy and Sharkey are joined on Bonkers for the first time by Dougal, England's most Happy Hardcore DJ. This means 3 CD's. Hixxy with the techno flavoured hardcore, Sharkey with a harder blend of hardcore and Dougal with the Anthems. All three mixes contain exclusives including many from Bonkers and Essential Platinum labels. Some of the Hardcore anthems featured here include Triple J "Follow The Sun", Dougal & Mickey Skedale "Gotta Go", Hixxy & Sharkey "Return To Toytown", Visa "Fly Away", 4-Tune Fairytale "Take Me To Wonderland", Sharkey "Sound Assassin", Brisk "Rock The Beat" and Marc Smith "Procrastinator". The compilation was released twice, first as "A Journey Into Madness" then due to popular demand, as "A Journey Into Silver" which came with some stickers.

Released: 24 Oct 1997

Catalogue Number : REACTCD115

Below is the track listing for each of the CD's.


Playing time:67:40

1) Hixxy & Bananaman "Together Forever (Evolve rmx)"
2) Hixxy & Sharkey "Return To Toytown"
3) Daydream "Galaxy"
4) Q-Tex "Power Of Love '97 (The Digital Boy Italian Rave rmx)"
5) Visa "Fly Away"
6) Daydream "Make Your Own Kind Of Music"
7) Bang! "Cloudy Daze"
8) Spitfire "Feel This Way"
9) 4 Tune Fairytales "Take Me to the Wonderland"
10) Fade & Melody "Liquid Night"
11) Antisocial "Fairytale"
12) Antisocial "See Me Through"
13) Antisocial "Legends"
14) Antisocial "Happy Days"
15) Hixxy "Starry Night"

16) Antisocial "Need Your Love" 


Playing time:79:48

1) Sharkey & UFO "The Beginning Of The End"
2) UFO "Inner Sanctum"
3) Ramos & UFO "The Ravechief"
4) DJ Supreme & UFO "Trip To The Other Side"
5) Brisk & Trixxy "Back To The Top"
6) Druid & UFO "Temporal Rift"
7) Sharkey & UFO "Terra Nova (Exclusive Bonkers mix)"
8) DJ Quattro & Dizzy D "Future Trance Project 2"
9) Brisk & Trixxy "Rock The Beat"
10) Energy & Loopy "Overdose"
11) DJ Slam "Influence (Slam & Helix rmx)"
12) Slam & Helix "Acid Break"
13) Trixxy "Here To Invade"
14) DJ Eclipse "Devastator"
15) DJ Marc Smith "Nothing More"
16) Go Mental "I Can Feel It (VIP Acid & Bass mix)"
17) Sharkey "Sound Assassin (Exclusive Instrumental mix)"
18) Marc Smith "The Procrastinator"
19) Sharkey & UFO "The End Of The Beginning"


Playing time:74:27

1) Dougal & Mickey Skedale "Gotta Go (rmx)"
2) E-Logic & DNA "Going All The Way"
3) Innovate "It's Out There"
4) Dougal "Tranquillity"
5) Triple J "Follow The Sun"
6) Euphony "Dancin' In The Rain"
7) Hopscotch & Dougal "Steamtrain (rmx)"
8) Dougal & Mickey Skedale "Re-Create Creation"
9) Triple J "Have It All"
10) Ham, Demo & Justin Time "The Big Spill (Demo rmx)"
11) DJ Breeze "Jump A Little Higher"
12) Dougal & DNA "Tears In Your Eyes"
13) DJ Demo "Muzik (Ham rmx)"
14) Fade & Bananaman "Dream's Surprise (Seduction rmx)"
15) Innovate "Talkin' 'Bout Love"
16) Stompy "Follow Me"
17) Innovate "Stop Me"