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Google Latitude stops working on Android 'phone after setting up an Android tablet

posted 1 Jan 2013, 07:04 by Tristan Self
You have an Android phone with Latitude setup on it, it all works fine, your location is reported and you can see your friends' locations. But you then setup your google account on an Andriod tablet, all your friends disappear from your phone and your phone stops reporting location. You may also find that your other devices also lose all their Latitude settings. Restarting all the devices and/or reinstalling makes no difference.
It appears that when you setup Latitude on the tablet, it upgrades your account/settings to the latest version, these settings then affect all the other devices even if on your tablet  you are not using Latitude.
Log onto your tablet, open Google Maps, under settings (for google maps) ensure that the "Enable Location Sharing" is checked. If you don't want your tablet to report your location, then uncheck the "Report from this device" setting. The "enable location sharing" is an account wide setting. So you must enable it on your newest devices. Once this is enabled, latitude should start working again on your phone and other devices.