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Monitor Status of Dell PowerVault TL4000 Quick and Dirty with Nagios

posted 17 Jul 2015, 06:32 by Tristan Self
You can monitor the Dell PowerVault TL4000 Tape Library using the Nagios check_snmp plugin. After setting the TL4000 to accept SNMP connections on v2 SNMP you can run the following command below. This queries for the status of the library as a rollup.

# ./check_snmp -H <IP Address> -C community -o . -r3
SNMP OK - 3 | iso.

So this will query the tape library on the IP address and return the status as a number. 3 = OK, anything we want to know about so using the -r expression means you can enter a regex expression. This is a simple one, if its not 3, its not OK and we want Nagios to report an error!