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When trying to deploy an OVF using the web interface getting error: Client Integration Plug-in must be installed to enable OVF functionality

posted 19 May 2016, 01:53 by Tristan Self
Problem: When trying to deploy an OVF using the web interface, you getting this error message below. Even when you have installed the client integration plugins it still doesn't work.

"Client Integration Plug-in must be installed to enable OVF functionality"


1. Uninstall any/all existing Vmware client integration plugins from: Control Panel->Add/Remove Programs

2. Restart your computer.

3. Open Internet Explorer or Chrome and install the plugin from web client either from the login page or from the OVF menu when prompted.

4. Once installed close all browser windows and restart your computer.

5. The plugin within Internet explorer should work fine now, when you try it. If you are prompted to allow the plugin, click accept and ensure it doesn't prompt again.

6. To get the plugin to work in Google Chrome (version 45+), start Chrome and get to the following menu:

Settings Menu (Three Lines, top right) -> Privacy -> Content settings... -> Plugins -> Manage Exceptions

Add the URLs of the vCenter Servers and set them to "allow":


Click the "Done" button to save the settings, and then close and re-open Chome and attempt to deploy a plugin, you should find it works now, if you are prompted to allow the plugin to run click "Allow" and set it to remember the setting.

Currently I've not found a fix for making the Client Integration Plugin work in Firefox yet.