40G QSFP to 10G SFP+ Converter Skeleton Transceiver Chassis


Very occasionally a QSFP+ port might not be the correct form factor, what if you have a switch with only QSFP+ ports e.g. an Extreme Networks X770 but you need to connect up a device with an SFP+ port.

Well, although you’ll be wasting a QSFP+ port this may help you. Extreme Networks provide what I tend to call a “Skeleton Adapter”, this is essentially a converter for QSFP+ to SFP+, Mellanox MAM1Q00A-QSA (Extreme: QSFP-SFPP-ADPT) Ethernet, you can use it with Single Mode or Multi-Mode SFP+ modules.

You’ll need to partition the port from 1 x 40Gbit to 4 x 10Gbit channels, but at the point of use you’ll just see the first of the four channels for that port in use, the other 3 will be unused, and also unable to be used, so it is recommended that you just disable them to avoid confusion.

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