APC UPS Management Card Utility Not Working


I had the problem that the APC UPS Management Card Utility software used to configure the IP was not working. It detected the unconfigured card okay, and prompted for the settings but never took them. In the end I found a document from APC support that showed a workaround to get it configured. Note: you need to be configuring the device on the same subnet as the computer running the utility. However you can change the IP to whatever you want afterwards.

How to configure Network Management Card 2 (AP9630)

Install APC Device IP Configuration Wizard

Open APC Device IP Configuration Wizard

When NMC screen pops up (as below) then please write down MAC address.

Open Command Prompt on Server (Start -> Run -> CMD)

Enter the following command:

Arp –s <IPAddress> <MAC Address>

Type: ping <IPAddress> -l 113 (This is a lower case L)

If there is a reply, in Internet Explorer type: http://<IP Address>

Configure Management Card as usual.