Bonkers 10 – “Bonkers X”


Catalogue Number: REACTCD231

Released: 5th May 2003


1. Hixxy ‘Thou Shalt Not Forget”

2. Planet Perfecto “Bullet In The Gun” (Hixxy Remix)

3. UFO “Punk”

4. Breeze & Styles “The Beat Kicks”

5. UFO & Marley “Underground”

6 Ultrabeat “Pretty Green Eyes” (Hixxy, Styles & Breeze Remix)

7. Hixxy “Summer Sensation”

8. Dougal and Gammer “Jam The Nightclub” (Remix)

9. Breeze & Styles “Future Shining”

10. DJ Weaver “Come Into My Dream”

11. DJ Stompy “Nu-beginning”

12. Sy and Unknown “Tekno Harmony 2003”

13. Stargazer “Ultimate High” (Breeze & Styles Remix)

14. Dowster “Starlight”

15. G Spencer meets Dougal & Gammer “Wonderful Life”

16. UFO “Hardcore”


1. HAM ‘Kinda Funky’

2. Ham and MC Sharkey ‘Don’t Stop’

3. Ham and Robbie Long ‘Get Hard’

4. CLSM ‘Sound Of The Future’

5. CLSM ‘Liberation’

6. K Complex ‘Outta Control’

7. Dair and Devastate ‘Music Power’

8. DJ’s Justrich and Phosphor ‘Ain’t no stoppin this’

9. Social Outcast v Shanty, Concept and Tazz ‘Twist of faith’

10. DJ Kevin Energy ‘f**kin wiv da frequency’

11. DJ Fade ‘The Future’

12. Scott Majestic ‘Acid Dreams’

13. DJ Fade ‘The other side’

14. Scott Brown ‘Pilgrim’ Kevin Energy and K Complex remix.

15. Marc Smith ‘Revival’

16.Stormtrooper and Social Outcast ‘Body Groove’

17. Sharkey and AMS feat Carol Sharland ‘Freedom’

18. Marc Smith ‘Give yourself to me’


1. Scott Brown “Dehumanize”

2. Plus System “Commence”

3. Dougal “Sunrise”

4. Scott Brown & Donji “I’m in heaven”

5. Scott Brown “The saga continues”

6. Scott Brown “This is hardcore”

7. Dougal “The 6th Gate”

8. Interstate “Hardcore Hustler”

9. Scott Brown “Synthetic Dreams”

10. Brisk & Brown “Back and Forth”

11. Art of fighters “Earthquake”

12. Scott Brown V’s HyperBass “Life or Death” (edit)

13. Tommyknocker “The world is mine”

14. Tha Playah “The bounce”

15. Scott Brown “How else can I say it”