BONKERS 4 – “World Frenzy”


The forth installment of the series “World Frenzy” with a bit of a football theme to it. Becuase it was released during the world cup of 1998. It sees the return of Hixxy, Sharkey and Dougal for some more high BPM high jinks.

All 3 mixes have exclusives, many from the Hixxy, Sharkey and Dougal themselves. Some of the anthems featured include Hixxy’s new band OMG with three totally exclusive tracks, Visa “Don’t Go Away”, and exclusives from Q-Tex, The Saints and Devil Licious. Dougal’s mix features his new group Innovate with two exclusives made for Bonkers 4 with a half dozen exclusives including another from Unique and Bang!’s massive “Sail Away”. Sharkey’s selection includes exclusive tracks specially made for Bonkers 4 and covering the widest musical spectrum the scene has to offer, including his now legendary Hardcore -breakbeat – trance fusion.

Released: 15 May 1998

Catalogue Number : REACTCDL122

Below is the track listing for each of the CD’s.


Playing time:63:24

1. Slashing Fun Kids "Imagination"

2. Los Bonitos "The Lights"

3. Sequel Base "The Third Chapter"

4. O.M.G. "Different Outlook"

5. The Saints "Fire"

6. Sub-Ace & Aura "A Guiding Light"

7. O.M.G. "14th Dream"

8. Bananaman & Blitz "The Quickening"

9. Q-Tex "Equazion Part 9"

10. 2 Without Heads "U & Me"

11. Visa "Don't Go Away"

12. Devil Liciuos "By My Side"

13. O.M.G. "The One"

14. Q-Tex "The Power Of Love" (Scott Brown '98 remix)

15. Unique "Distant Skies"

16. Devil Licious "Better Days"

Playing time:74:42

1. Johnny Go Mental "Acid Rain"

2. DJ Fury "De Sensitize" (98 Remix)

3. Equinox "The Hustler"

4. DJ Marc Smith "Encounters"

5. Brisk & Trixxy "Back To The Top" (98 Remix)

6. DJ Energy "Future Dimensions Part 2"

7. Helix & Tekno Dred "Mindless Pleasure"

8. DJ Energy "The King Of Rock"

9. DJ Slam "The Bell"

10. DJ Eclipse "Light Cycle"

11. Sharkey & Marc Smith "Death By Stereo"

12. DJ Marc Smith "Gotta Hold On"

13. DJ Marc Smith "On Two Turntables"

14. Sharkey "It's A Hard Life"

15. Sharkey "Product Of Society"

Playing time:73:22

1. Innovate "Innovate"

2. Dougal & Skeedale "Don't You Realise"

3. Datcha & DNA "Dub Star"

4. Brisk & Trixxy "Eye Opener"

5. Dougal "Life Is Like A Dance" (Dougal & Micky Skeedale remix)

6. S-Scape "Express Yourself"

7. Bang! "Shooting Star"

8. Seduction "Leaving The World Behind"

9. Unique "Feelin' Fine"

10. Dougal & Skeedale "Words Of Wisdom"

11. Bang! "Sail Away"

12. Breeze "Let's Fly"

13. Sub-Ace & Aura "My Dreams"

14. Dougal & Skeedale "Zurich" (Storm Remix)

15. Dyanoiss "The Underground"

16. Project "Sweet Thing"

17. Innovate "The Universe"