BONKERS 5 – Anarchy In The Universe


The three, this time take to outer space with Anarchy in the Universe with some space style hardcore. Hixxy, Sharkey and Dougal return again with some exclusive tracks found only on Bonkers.

Tunes featured include Hixxy’s new band OMG with a totally exclusive track: ‘Definition of Hardcore’. Dougal’s mix features his own group Innovate with two exclusive tracks with 6 exclusives including one from Unique (Force & Styles) and Bang!’s massive ‘Shooting Star (Unique Remix)’. Sharkey’s selection is completely unique – covering the widest musical spectrum the scene has to offer, including his now legendary Hardcore -breakbeat – trance fusion. Sharkey’s mix includes the massive club tune by Helix ‘Cluster’, along with exclusive collaborations with Eclipse and Scotland’s Marc Smith. Force Mass Motion v. Eclipse ‘Point Zero’ is the ultimate old/nu skool hardcore clash only for Bonkers 5.

Released: ?Late? 1998

Re-released: 27th July 2002

Catalogue Number: REACTCD141

Below is the track listing for each of the CD’s.


Playing Time:76:21

1. Hixxy & UFO "Eternity Has Passed"

2. Elevate "Virtual Dreams (Euro Mix)"

3. O.M.G. "Definition Of Hardcore"

4. Quest "Reach For Love"

5. Hixxy & UFO "Back In Business"

6. Hixxy & Sunset Regime "New Day Dawning"

7. Vinylgroover & Ed C "Bright Eyes (Select Remix)"

8. Hixxy & Sunset Regime "Legends"

9. Elevate "Together Again"

10. Sy & Unknown "Listen To The Ace (Hixxy Remix)"

11. Hixxy & Sunset Regime "Desire"

12. Sy & Unknown feat. Storm "Scratchin' (Remix)"

13. Triple J "Follow The Sun (Hixxy & Sunset Regime Remix)"

14. Scott Brown "Hardcore Vibes"

15. Scott Brown "Rockin' Strong"

16. Scott Brown "Liberation"

Playing Time:70:08

1. Eclipse Vs Force Mass Motion "Point Zero"

2. DJ Fury "Lemonade Raygun (Remix)"

3. DJ Energy "Warped Reality"

4. Sharkey & Eclipse "Mind Launch"

5. Surgery "Cybersurfin"

6. Marc Smith "Rok The House"

7. Helix "Cluster"

8. Sharkey "The Awakening"

9. Sharkey "Distant Dreams"

10. Tekno Dred & Ad Man "A Voice Spoke To Me (Helix Remix)"

11. Marc Smith & Sharkey "It's All Just Hardcore"

12. DJ Energy & Loopy "Overdose (Sharkey 98 Remix)"

13. Terminal Force "Don't Move"

14. Helix "Now Control"

15. Dark Myth "Fucking Trippy"

16. Sharkey & Eclipse "The Warning"

Playing Time:75:05

1. Triple J "Wonderful World"

2. Innovate "Just Believe"

3. Dougal & Mickey Skeedale "Back To The Future"

4. Force & Styles "Fireworks (Storm Remix)"

5. Innovate "Invincible"

6. Dougal "Sky High (Storm Remix)"

7. Dougal & Mickey Skeedale "Emerald (Remix)"

8. TKM "Time Out"

9. Dougal & Mickey Skeedale "Peace Of Mind"

10. Quest "Images Of You"

11. Faber "A Better Day"

12. Breeze & DNA "High In The Sun"

13. Dougal & Eruption "Party Time (Exclusive Remix)"

14. Bang! "Break Of Dawn"

15. Bang! "Shooting Star (Unique Remix)"

16. Unique "Higher Ground"