The sixth in the series is some more high octane hardcore. But this time Dougal is joined by Sy and Vibes. At time of release the Bonkers series had become the best selling Hardcore series ever. Selling more than 300,000 copies. (Who said no one listens to hardcore anymore!)

This time tracks like Brisk & Trixxy “Eye Opener”, DJ Kaos “Delirious” and Stealth “Flower Needs The Rain” are thrown in for good measure.

Released: 16 Apr 1999

Catalogue Number: REACTCD150

Below is the track listing for each of the CD’s.

Playing time:78:47

1. Innovate "Captured"

2. TKM "Sitar"

3. Dougal & Mickey Skeedale "Revival"

4. Force & The Evolution "Perfect Dreams (DB7 Back For 99 Mix)"

5. Innovate "Higher Ground"

6. DJ Seduction "Holding On (Vinylgroover Remix)"

7. Eumovater "Funk Rave Brother"

8. Dougal & TKM "The Chant"

9. Breeze "I Feel U"

10. Ramos "Sunshine (Dougal & Skeedale Mix)"

11. Brisk & Trixxy "Eye Opener (Remix)"

12. Mickey Skeedale & Doctor Who "Emotion"

13. Stealth "See Me Climb (Brisk's Electro Flava Mix)"

14. Eumovater "Musical Life"

15. Bang! "Hyperspace (Brisk Mix)"

16. The Projeck "Rhythm On Time"

17. Euphony "Space Invader (Scott Brown Remix)"

18. Quest "Yin Yang"
Playing time:74:30

1. Sy & Unknown "Here Comes The Music"

2. Stealth "Flower Needs The Rain (Brisk Mix)"

3. Elevate "Virtual Dreams (99 Remix)"

4. Vinyltrixta "Come Again"

5. Slippery Project "Something Like Dis (Slipmatt Mix)"

6. Sy & Unknown feat. Elayne "Distant Love (Sy & Unknown Remix)"

7. Sy & Demo "Movin On"

8. Bang! "Give Me A Reason (Ham Mix)"

9. Sy & Unknown "What Is A DJ? (Remix)"

10. Class Of 94 "Let It Lift You (Sy & Unknown Remix)"

11. Ham, Demo & Justin Time "Here I Am (Remix)"

12. Sy & Demo "Sensation (Remix)"

13. DJ Seduction "Leaving The World Behind (Ham Mix)"

14. Sy & Unknown "Head In The Clouds"

15. Codeine "Natural High (Sy & Unknown Mix)"

16. Brisk & Trixxy "Euro Love"
Playing time:78:31

1. James Venus & Atomics "Heaven (Exclusive Bonkers Mix)"

2. Elevate "All I Need Is Love (Exclusive Bonkers Mix)"

3. S-Real "Sanctuary"

4. DJ Kaos "Delirious (Exclusive Bonkers Mix)"

5. CB Project "Screamin Dreams"

6. Dougal & Skeedale "Look At The Stars"

7. Techno-Phobic "The Rave Theme"

8. DJ Breeze "Complete Heaven"

9. James Venus "Night Driving"

10. DJ Slam "I'm Back (Exclusive Bonkers Mix)"

11. SMD "SMD 5 (Exclusive Bonkers Mix)"

12. DJ Stompy "This Is The Night"

13. Frisky feat. Daniella "Clearly Now (Brisk Remix)"

14. DJ Vibes "Techno Wonderland (Stompy's Bonkers Mix)"

15. E-Logic "The Gate (Remix)"

16. Raver's Choice "Raver's Choice 8 1/2"