BONKERS 7 – Millennium Madness


The seventh in the series welcomes back Hixxy to the series and he is joined by Dougal and Sy again. The Millennium madness brings in tunes like Binary Finary’s “1999” (Hixxy & UFO remix) and Force & Styles with “Sunshine”. More happy music to see in the new millennium.

After the release of Bonkers 7 there was talk of the Bonkers series being canceled and for two years the series was stopped that is until “Bonkers – The Rezurrection”.

Released: 1 Oct 1999

Catalogue Number: REACTCD167

Below is the track listing for each of the CD’s.


Playing Time:79:50

1. Hixxy & U.F.O. 'Seen The Future'

2. Hixxy & U.F.O. '1999' (cover version mix)

3. Sonic Boom Boys 'World Apart'

4. Sonic Boom Boys 'Tsunami'

5. Ferris & Arantz feat. Elaine 'X = Y'

6. Jamie Baker & Karl Allen feat. Elaine 'Under-current'

7. Josh Ferris & Ben Arantz 'The Rhythm'

8. In-iki & El Niño 'Timescape'

9. Hixxy 'Warehouse'

10. In-iki & El Niño 'Lost In Love' (cover version mix)

11. Scanners 'Return Of Mr. X'

12. In-iki & El Niño 'Remembrance'

13. Download 'White Dust'

14. Hixxy 'Adrenalin Rising

15. Hixxy & U.F.O. feat. Elaine 'Baby Tainted'

16. Ina-State feat. Elaine 'Forever Comes'

Playing Time:76:50

1. Innovate 'Dance With Destiny'

2. Dougal & Mickey Skeedal 'Rockin' It'

3. Interstate 'Lost Generation' (Scott Brown Remix)

4. Dougal & TKM 'Totality'

5. North West 'Full On'

6. Dougal & Mickey Skeedal 'Translucent'

7. S Real 'Blast It'

8. Dougal & TKM 'Night Breeze'

9. Scott Brown 'Healing Mind'

10. Force & Styles 'Sunshine'

11. Breeze 'Complete Heaven' (Unique Remix)

12. Steve ED 'Another Level'

13. Frisky 'Another Day' (Unique Mix)

14. Bang! 'Shooting Star' (Unique Remix)

15. DJ's Unite 'Vol. 1' (Hixxy Mix)

16. Mickey Muddyman 'Ocean Blue'

Playing Time:73:47

1. Sy & Unknown 'Welcome To The New Skool

2. The Collective 'Kick It' (Exclusive Bonkers Mix)

3. Sy & Unknown feat. MC Storm 'Everybody Say Yeah'

4. The Vampire 'Warped Optimism'

5. Rhythm Warriors 'Dance Sucker'

6. Interstate 'Basic Nature'

7. Sy & Unknown feat. MC Storm 'Gotta Rock Ya!'

8. Sy & Demo 'Stay With Me'

9. Jimmy J. & Cru-L-T 'Six Days' (Sy & Unknown Mix)

10. Tranzit feat. Chrissy 'Beautiful Stranger'

11. Too Ruff 'We Can Do This'

12. E-Logik feat. MC Whizzkid 'Run To Me' (Brisk Remix)

13. Jon Doe 'BMH Volume III'

14. Rhythm Warriors 'Addiction'

15. Sy & Unknown 'Bring It Back'

16. Rapido 'Ultraviolet