New from React the sister series to the bonkers series. Brainstorm some Hardcore and Trance combined, known as Hard Trance. From the Bonkers series the very well known Sharkey starts the series, with a bit of help from Mark EG. The fusion is becoming very popular with the mainstream and is being played in clubs like Gatecrasher.

Released: 27 Aug 1999

Catalogue Number : REACTCD161

Below is the track listing for each of the CD’s.


Playing Time:

1. Marc Smith ‘Echoplex’ (Chemical General Exclusive Brainstorm Edit)

2. Equinox ‘Freaky Phases’

3. AG Systems ‘Active Techno’ (Chemical General Exclusive Brainstorm Edit)

6. Sharkey & Eclipse ‘Outta Control’

7. Pre Dawn Kaos ‘Hypnotic Break’ (Chemical General Exclusive Brainstorm

Edit) 8. Eclipse ‘Distortanord’ (Chemical General Exclusive Brainstorm Edit)

9. DJ Energy ‘Waves Of Desire’

10. Sharkey & Helix ‘The Epilogue’

11. DJ Energy ‘Twisted Sanity’

12. Fury ‘Chaos’

13. Helix & Fury ‘Insane Asylum’

16. DJ Energy ‘Ravers Revenge’ (Chemical General Exclusive Brainstorm Edit)

17. DJ Vibes and Wishdokta ‘Music’s So Wonderful’ (DJ Kaos Remix)

18. Robert Wagner ‘Eclypse’

19. DJ Energy & Blackout ‘Seven Deadly Strings’


Playing Time:

1. Composure ‘Universal Action’

2. DJ JamX Joins B.I.A. ‘Das Licht’

3. Solar Impact ‘Der schwarze Monolith’

4. Allure ‘Rejected’ (Liquid Child remix)

5. The Highlander ‘Inside A Dream’ (Nad’s Lab Remix)

6. Jupiter Prime ‘Dreamphase’ (Phase II Mix)

7. Prototype ‘Sound-piercing’

8. Future State ‘Now Is The Time’

9. Q ‘Just Die’ (Extended Mix)

10. Parker & Clind ‘Generator’

11. Frontline Of Trance ‘The Signal’

12. Stark ‘Space 3000’

13. Green Court ‘Moonflight’ (Pulsedriver Remix)

14. Stark ‘Domino’

15. Pasha Bros. ‘Superstitious 99’

16. DJ CYGLAS & T.B.R. ‘Go For It’

17. Tillmann Uhrmacher feat. Peter Ries ‘Bassfly’ (Club Mix)