Changing Port Speeds on a 5520-VIM-4YE VIM Module in 5520 Universal Hardware Switch


The 5520-VIM-4YE, this has 4 x SFP28 ports 10/25. You can use 10Gbit or 25Gbit speeds on these ports. On an Extreme 5520 Universal hardware switch this will be ports 57-60 (on 48port model) or 33-36 (on a 24 port model)

If you want to use 4 x SFP+ modules running at 10Gbit, you need to partition the first VIM port, i.e. port 57 as below. This appears to be because the switch treats the VIM slot (and all its ports) as just a single channel of 100Gbit broken into 4 x 25Gbit (hence the SFP28), which can be set to 10Gbit port speed.

configure port 57 partition 4x10G

Then reboot the switch, you then see that each port on the VIM is now set to 10Gbit speed. You can confirm with:

show ports 57-60 configuration

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