Dell Latitude E5420 and the ST Microelectronics Accelerometer Driver Issue

Microsoft Windows

Had this rather annoying issue with a Dell Latitude E5420 and trying to image it with Microsoft Windows XP SP3 Professional using Microsoft WDS and MDT 2010 Update 1.

Basically using the Dell driver pack the machine would image okay, but then on the mini-setup the computer would freeze saying “please wait…”, even leaving it for hours didn’t solve the problem.

Following some more extensive testing I determined that it was being called by the “ST Microelectronics Accelerometer” driver, if I removed this from the driver pack when importing into MDT and then re-imaged the machine it imaged fine and I got a working version of Windows. However I had an “Unknown Device” in the device manager, which had the PnP string that matched that of the device on the laptop.

So next thing was to download the indivdual driver for the accelerometer and install it manually. I tried that and the driver install froze, the progress bar stopped and the driver although installed won’t finish the progress indicator installer. So it looks like its a duff driver.


In the end I did this to fix it, it basically involves downloading a very old version of the driver and installing that.

Patched the BIOS to the latest version: 02/05/2012 – A07 version.

Then the ST Accelerometer driver was not working it froze the machine if used in WDS/MDT as a injected driver. So i removed

it and tried to install it manually it still froze up the machine.

So i looked for some older versions i picked the oldest one available:

ST Microelectronics-Driver A04,

This is version: A04 and will appear as version: in SCCM, MDT, WDS when imported, normally the driver is version

You can find this by selecting the current driver then clicking “More Download Formats”, under which you’ll see the drop down

with “Other Version”,

Downloaded from here:

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