Disable IPv6 Auto-Configuration Address

Microsoft Windows

IPv6 is autoconfiguring, that’s great for worksations and mobile devices, but for servers you want some control. Yes you can hard code a static IPv6 address, but it will also show an autoconfiguration address too. You can disable the RA’s from the router, but in some cases you might not want to do this. So to disable IPv6 autoconfiguration on a Windows 2008 R2+ server you can run these commands:

Firstly determine the network interface to disable IPv6 auto-configuration on:

 netsh interface ipv6 show interface

Next you take this number ID and run this command to disable IPv6 autoconfiguration on the interface:

netsh interface ipv6 set interface XX routerdiscovery=disabled

(Where XX is the ID from the previous command of the NIC you want to set this on.)

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