DPM 2007 – Adding More Disk Storage Error – 0×80042420

Microsoft DPM

I was adding more storage to our DPM 2007 server. We currently have a MD1000 with 15 x 1TB SATA disks, but i needed to add some more storage so i hooked up a second MD1000 with 15 x 1TB SATA disks. Configured the RAID groups and presented the storage to the server.

In DPM 2007 when i tried to setup the new disk storage pools under “Management” -> “Disks” tab, and clicking on Add i got the error:

Error 360: The operation failed due to a virtual disk service error

Error details: Unknown error (0×80042420)

Recommended action: Retry the operation.

The first thing to check is that you are on the console, running “Disk Management” type functions via Remote Desktop (RDP) may be problematic! So logon to the console if you can via directly connected keyboard and mouse or DRAC/iLo or if you use RDP use it so you get into console mode see this http://nukeitmike.com/blog/2008/08/11/error-360-the-operation-failed-due-to-a-virtual-disk-service-error for details on this.

If this does resolve the error right click on the computer and get into the “Disk Management” tools for the server. In here you should see you new storage listed, if it has a red no-entry sign on it, its not ready for use, right click on each disk and initalize them. Don’t create any partitions though just leave them as they are.

Next try again to add the disks to DPM, in my case this was not enough I got an error saying the disks could not be converted to “Dynamic Disks”, in this case I had to manually change each disk in “Disk management” to “GPT Disk” first, then convert to “Dynamic” straight afterwards, after a few seconds the disks should show as being dynamic.

It appears Disk Management would not let me change a disk from Basic to Dynamic directly, this is probably why DPM couldn’t do it either, but changing to GPT disk first then to Dynamic disk manually did the job!

Now I tried again to add the disks in DPM and volia, it worked the new storage was provisioned for use in DPM.

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