DPM 2007 – Volume Missing

Microsoft DPM

After a power cut, (before the UPS was installed!), on booting back up the DPM 2007 server, the server showed loads of replica disks saying “Volume Missing”, before i crying, it tried the following to get DPM to pick them back up and it appeared to work ok:

Run the command below to enable auto-detect of new volumes.

Mountvol /e

Rescan for disks in the COmputer Management Disk Management.

Then in DPM 2007 Console

DPM 2007 -> Management -> Disks -> Select DIsk 1

Click Rescan and wait.

Repeat for all the disks you have.

Then go back to the “monitoring” tab. And select alerts you should see all this missing disk alerts disappear. Once gone mop up any other warnings and run some synchs on the disks that were missing just to be sure. But that should resolve the problem.

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