ip helper-address Not working on Cisco 3750 Switch


I had a cisco 3750 switch that i wanted to enable some vlans for voice on, but only having one DHCP server on a completely seperate vlan to the voice vlans.

vlan 1 = data (dhcp server on this range)

vlan 266 = voice (phone dhcp clients on this range)


The switch for some reason had aload of dhcp server config on it before i started the exercise, so i removed the pools and ran the command: no service dhcp

This was the problem, running this command (no service dhcp) disables dhcp but also disables dhcp relay to, this stops the ip helper-address command from working too.

So even when i put the ip-helper address on the vlan as below it didn’t relay the dhcp broadcasts from the 266 vlan to the dhcp server on vlan 1.

interface Vlan266

 description *** VOIP-BBlock ***

 ip address

 ip helper-address

Where is the DHCP server address.



So to fix it, i ran the command:

service dhcp

Making sure any dhcp pool configuration has been removed, and this fixed the problem.

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